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Øfstedal Eng

Uben Sandy Grey - two legs

Uben Sandy Grey - two legs

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Design: Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng

Uben is a series of sculptural stoneware vases inspired by nature's organic silhouettes and contours, from jagged cliffs to rugged tree burs to even layers of the mountains. Their bodies morph into leg like appendages becoming dynamic, living beings. Beings you can have as sculptures in your living room or decorate with foliage.

Uben Sandy Gray is made limited for this Christmas season where semi-glossy grains and earthy shades of gray come together. This Uben vase contains different types of sand that are both glossy and matte, and vary as the sun shines on the vase. The color can be described as light gray shaded with dark to grayish grains of sand.

Uben vases are unique, which means that the product image is only intended for a visual illustration of the product itself. Small differences within each vase may occur.



Color: Sandy Grey

Material: Light grey stoneware ceramic with a glazed inside

Dimensions:  26-27 cm high

Maintenance: Hand wash


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