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Øfstedal Eng

Grom Oil Burner Satin White

Grom Oil Burner Satin White

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Grom is a ceramic oil burner intended for incense or essential oils. Each oil burner is intuitively handshaped into sculptural burners, that creates a warm light and cozy atmosphere in the room.

You can either use incense or oil in the bowl for an aromatic experience. Then light a small tealight and place underneath. When using incense, add a little water to the burner so that the scent becomes more apparent in the room.

Color: Satin White

Material: White stoneware clay

Dimension: ca 10-14 cm high

Maintenance: Hand wash


Also available in Speckle Brown, Caramel, Dark Drip, Dotted Beige and Freckle Beige.

NB! This product photo is only a visualization of the product. Since Grom Oil Burner are all handmade with a unique glaze, the shape and color may have variations.

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